Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Immigration Blues: Unfortunate Pinay

in my conservative kurta
It was my turn at Singapore's immigration. The officer gazed at me, took a close look at my passport, and started bombarding me with questions:

"How long are you staying in singapore? When are you leaving? Do you have a return flight?"

..and demanded for my ticket.

Since I planned on coming back and spend 2 more weeks in malaysia, she started scribbling my itinerary.

Fifteen (15) minutes later and probably proving that I have no intentions of prolonging my stay in the lion city (as most pinays do), the officer finally let me in.
-- & --

When I met up with my Maori friends Kamera and Harley in Kuching, I told them about what happened in singapore. I also gave them the background that the reason why immigration officers are stern about letting Filipinas in is that most of these Pinays overstay, hoping to find a job there before their 14-day visa expires.

"No wonder our line was held up in brunei immigration. There was a filipina in jeans and shirt who was ahead of us. She looked like a typical househelp."

Kamera then continued her advice by telling me to dress appropriately when i go to brunei. This will tell them that I respect their customs and am not there to find a job.
Fast-forward to Brunei immigration. The lady officer was dutifully doing her task reviewing my
passport and i was all-smiles. Donning a long-sleeved kurta and a lengthy sarong, doing my best to look prim and proper, ready to show her my flight out to the Philippines in a few days, and ready to recite my itinerary, she handed my passport back to me. Stamped with a 14-day stay. No questions asked.

:) Delightful.

It's a sad reality that Filipino women are discriminated against.
That's why whenever i run off to a different country, i try my best to give the Philippines a good name.


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