Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brussels: Cheap Things to Do in One Day

If you only have a day to spend in Brussels, your most important tool would be a map of the city. 

Personally preferred Bruxelles, mes quartiers (Brussels, my districts) because it outlined walking tours of either cartoon-strip, stone and walkways, or shopping. At the back, is a street listing and a map of the Metro.
comics on walls

It is easy to get a metro ticket in one of the vending machines. It is not the typical touch screen machines so you have to rotate a wheel for your options.

Brussels metro ticket machine

If you think you'll be using the metro a lot, you can get the 10 ride tickets, which can either be used by one person for 10 journeys or several persons.  You only get 1 ticket but you punch it in every time you use it. Their system is kinda lax and others even get by without paying. 

For me, I only took one ticket each time.

To get lost in the center, get off at Louise station, and allot a day to just wander around and see the sights.
credit source

1. Palais de Justice
Palais de Justice

2. Porte de Hal
Porte de Hal

3. Place du Jeu de Balle (flea market)
trinkets they sell in flea markets

busy day at Place du Jeu de Balle

4. Mannekin Pis
still can't understand
why tourists go gaga over this
peeing boy

5. Grand Place
Brussels' main square

6. Info Center: Experience Brussels
this exposition offers
interesting facts about Brussels

7. Place de 'Albertine
Place de 'Albertine

8. Palais Royal
when the flag is up, the king is home

9. Parc de Bruxelles
perfect place to take a break from the walk

10. Leopold Park
Leopold Park


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