Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jeju: Eat Pray Love Sundays

Eat. Memil kalguksu. 
This buckwheat noodle soup with local pheasant is perfect to warm you up after a hike under a cool weather.

Eat. Memil Kalguksu.

Pray. Dolhareubang. 
This iconic stone grandfather seen throughout Jeju restaurants and villages act as their guardian to keep evil spirits out.

Pray. Dolhareubang.

Love. Haenyo.
The Jeju women divers are the most celebrated phenomena of the island. They dive 20m deep for two mins without any breathing apparatus to harvest abalone, octopus, and other seafood.

Love. Haenyo

Eat Pray Love Sundays is a series I'm doing, highlighting one destination and how it nourishes travelers and locals alike. 
"Eat" features a location's food; how it nourishes the physical body.
"Pray" pertains to anything about worship or nourishing one's spirit.
"Love" is such a broad topic that it covers the rest--people, nature, culture. Those that nourish the soul. 

Next Sunday, I'll be putting Singapore on the spotlight!


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