Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sarawak: Tourist Spotting in Malaysia

Some of the things you can do while at Bako National Park is to spot wildlife (monkeys, birds, exotic plants) and do some trail hikes.

But the one i find most amusing is tourist-spotting. You usually see them clustered together, heads tilted upwards as if quietly looking for a prey. They also carry with them metallic gadgets that they bring up to eye-level as you can see here:

And they come in groups everywhere. 

Here's another in Semenggoh National Park. I think they're keeping their eyes peeled for the Orang Utans.

Another special group is found in a mosque. The female species are garbed in blue long robes and a piece of cloth over their heads. Male species on the other hand are found in their normal state.

original journal entry written in 2007


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