Monday, April 23, 2012

Funny Road Signs in Italy

It was a clear June summer day. My migrated cousins were dutifully showing me around their second hometown, posh Milan.

We did every tourist-y thing one could think of: visiting the castle (Castello Sforzesco), riding the red tourist bus, cooling off with a gelato, strutting the high street of Montenapoleone.

Yet, if there's one peculiar thing that Italy should be known for (which I presume only a few tourists observe), it would be the creative road signs.

Let the pictures speak for themselves. Here, I borrowed the shots of my talented cousin, Alvin Corpuz.

His photos are just crisp and I wouldn't do justice to his craft if i edited even a piece of it.

Warning: others might find this offensive

did not click with me.
my Italian speaking cousins
had to explain that
tetta means "breasts"

Have you seen funny road signs in a foreign country?


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