Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vienna: Donau Insel Fest (Danube Island Festival)

Austria is one of the countries where the Danube River flows. 

A portion of the river runs down along Vienna. To protect the city from extreme flood, which the mighty river can bring about, they created an island which is now known as the Donau Insel or Danube Island. To its east, a water channel was excavated, they called it Neue Donau or Danube Canal. The island itself is approximately 20km long, and 200 meters broad.

But to most visitors, the island is a recreational area where you can run, swim, canoe, rollerblade, and cycle.

Every end of June (Friday to Saturday) each year, the Donauinsel Fest is celebrated. It's an open-air festival with lots of music, beer, food, and people! Just for the festival, the island held more than a million visitors.

above: view of the Donau as we crossed the bridge;
bottom: throngs of people eager to celebrate the DonauInsel Fest

This year, I was fortunate to witness how the tourists and locals alike celebrate this annual festival.

food and drinks

night of music & fun with newfound friends


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