Monday, November 19, 2012

Batanes: Basco Lighthouse

Day 2 of our Batanes trip was leisurely. We had an extra day anyway so we spent it to acclimatize ourselves and mainly stayed in Basco. So what's there to see and do in Basco?

Naidi Hills and Basco Lighthouse
The iconic lighthouse was just walking distance from our lodge, so we decided to get our morning exercise walking up to the hills. On another day, it was the perfect place to catch the sunset and have our dinner there. This particular morning, we brought a loaf of bread and spreadable cheese with us for some breakfast with a view. Except for us, no one else was there. 

Basco Lighthouse


breakfast by the lighthouse

In the late afternoon, when it was cooler and more bearable to take a relaxed walk, we set out to explore what Basco has to offer. We scouted for places to eat and discovered eateries, souvenir shops, and strolled along the main drag, Abad St. 

makes sense!

The market is also located along Abad St where you can find fresh fruits, fish and vegetables, should you decide to cook. We fancied trying the local cuisine and bought some "pako" or fern, and the "flying fish". You can eat the "flying fish" two ways. For dinner, they sell it grilled and ready to eat, so all you do is buy or cook some rice. If you come early morning, they sell it marinated. You just have to fry it and serve it with rice for a delish breakfast. 

Art Gallery
We walked to the west, towards the sea, and discovered a small art museum of some sort. It grabbed our attention so we kinda invited ourselves in. It's called Yaru nu Artes Ivatan, a gallery to showcase the young Ivatans' painting or art works, which also provides a means of living for these talented locals.

Yaru nu Artes Ivatan

appreciating Ivatan art

Right beside the art gallery is Shanedel's offering accommodation by the sea. We asked to take a peek, in search for food, but we found instead a calm and relaxing view of the coastline, and the sunset to end the day.


can you spot the Basco Lighthouse at the hilltop?


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