Monday, February 10, 2014

Things to do in Dubai : Ride the Dhow Cruise

by Shawi Cortez

Dhow is arabic for traditional sailing vessels

A dhow cruise in Dubai means to cruise through either Dubai Creek or Marina in a dhow, while enjoying a scrumptious dinner.

My friend booked me on a dhow cruise with Rustar, the only 5-star dhow in Bur Dubai Creek.

The cruise was scheduled at 9pm, but they were receiving guests for boarding as early as 8:30pm.

As it was raining outside, and a bit chilly for me, the warm towel they handed the moment I stepped into the boat was such a welcome treat.

I quickly downed the glass of fruit juice they served as a welcome drink. We waited a few more minutes for the other passengers to arrive, and the vessel slowly began to cruise.

Dinner was served shortly and the line to the buffet table easily filled up. There were salads, traditional Arabic food (flat bread and dippings), meat, pasta, and an entire table of desserts and fresh fruits.

While we ate, we were entertained by a Russian singer with a couple of songs. Once we settled in and finished dinner, the traditional Tanoura dance was performed to delight the guests.

After the dancers spinned continuously without showing signs of dizziness, they engaged the crowd and invited guests to try it out. Two other ladies tried it and I boldly volunteered to do the same.

They had me wear the tanoura (skirt) and it was soooo heavy! I posed for the camera with the dancers, and I started spinning. I think I only turned five (5)times and got dizzy, and managed to go back to my seat like a drunk lady. So much for trying it out.

I returned back the skirt and the owner's son approached me if I'd like to have my photo printed. For 30 dirhams. I said yes. I said no. My answer must have been a first for him, and caught him by surprise because he chuckled at my facial reaction.

I insisted on having him email the photo instead. He left and headed towards the other ladies.

The rest of the time was left for us to enjoy the creek and to take photos inside the dhow.

with Mark, Hermie, Ara, Grace

posing with the captain

at the den, where the dancers were chilling out

Before the cruise ended, the two ladies got their printed copies. My cousin was prodding me to get mine. But I didn't budge. I went up to the owner and gave him my email address, not knowing if he'd send the photo to me or not.

But he did! After a few days :)
Thank you Vladimir for this lovely photo.

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Thank you Ara for this wonderful treat :)


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