Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Travel Gear: SCARF

Why does this item deserve an entire entry? One word: versatile. Never leave home without it.

Where to get them: If you’re in Asia, they abound in night markets or in bazaars.

Cost: Between US$ 1 TO 2.

1.     Neck scarf. To keep you warm from cooler weather
posing with a Mongolian girl

2.     Your pass to enter religious places: Instead of having to use the public garments (and sometimes pay for it), this nifty scarf has saved me a lot of times! 
Muslim Malaysia requires women to cover their heads

Hindu Bali requires a waistband

3.     Sun protection. In the absence of a hat, a scarf will do.
overlooking Ulan Batar, Mongolia

4.     For hikes. To keep your hair and sweat away from your face
one of the Seven Falls in Lake Sebu

5.     Works well as a shawl too. 
Clarke Quay at night

Do you have any other uses for a scarf?


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