Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Travel Light: What’s on your Carry – on?

For my carry-on bag, I usually bring a daypack. When I’m on the go, and the rucksack is at my back, it’s safer to swing the daypack on my chest and keep it close at hand.

So what should you put inside?

photo: skattertech.com

As a minimalist, I usually cringe at the sight of amateurish travelers having to lug around their suitcases all over the airport and at the boarding gate. Here’s a lowdown on how to have a lightweight carry on.

1.     Important travel documents.
a.     Passport with a valid visa on your destination (when applicable) 
photo by: terryclarence.com

b.     Flight Itineraries
c.      Hotel bookings (when applicable)

2.     Reading material. You wouldn’t want to just people watch, do you?

3.     Equipment. Please don’t risk having these broken by checking them in. Carry them with you. Chargers may be stored in your check-in bag.
a.     Cellphone
b.     Camera
c.      iPod or netbook (This entry deserves an entire debate!)

4.     Food. After you’re done with check-in, and there’s more time to spare, you are tempted to mosey on the airport and you remember that the prices of food are jacked up. You will thank yourself for bringing in that piece of fruit or cracker to sustain you, especially that the budget airlines you are on does not serve hot meals. 

5.     Water bottle. Most of the travelers I know bring their own bottles to refill when you’re on a hostel or in a restaurant. Saves from buying water everytime!

6.     Personal effects.
a.     To powder your nose and keep the oil off your face
b.     Hand sanitizer that doubles as a toilet seat cleaner
c.      Hand cream to keep ‘em moisturized (I think containers less than 100mL are now allowed)
d.     Breath mints perhaps?

So, what's on your carry-on?


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