Saturday, June 11, 2011

Budget Europe: How to go to Paris from Charles de Gaulle Airport

There are several ways to go to the center of Paris from the CDG airport, but the budget friendly way is either by taking the Roissybus or the train.

First of all, you have to determine your destination and check whether it is nearer to a bus station than a train station.

Another consideration would be your luggage. Do you have a lot of heavy baggage? Then a bus might be better. Taking the train requires you to go up and down the stairs and may be too taxing for you.

Depending on which Terminal you get off from in Paris, there are two (2) RER stations that will bring you to the city. From RER, you can switch lines to the Metro.

Terminal 2: AĆ©roport Charles de Gaulle 2

Terminal 1 and 3: AĆ©roport Charles de Gaulle 1

After getting your baggages, look for the sign which says "Paris by train". You'd have to go down one level and you'll be surrounded by ticket vending machines. 

No cash? Credit cards are accepted, however they only accept those with a smart chip. My credit card had a smart chip, but they still did not accept it.

So I had to queue at the ticket booth. 

From there, you can get one ticket to Paris.
"Un billet sil vous plait"

One way ticket covers your trip from RER to changing to the Metro line. You don't need to get another one when you transfer but you have 90 minutes to complete your journey. 

Others get a Paris Visite Paris Pass which is good for 1-5 days. I arrived in the middle of the night so I only bought 1 ticket, and bought the pass the following day. 

You only have to validate your ticket once--upon entering. You don't have to validate it again when exiting.


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