Friday, August 19, 2011

Budget Europe: Paris Transportation, How to Get Around Paris

There are several ways to get around Paris. You can either take a bus or the Metro.  The good thing about their transport system is that they are efficient and on time. You can use the same ticket, even if you switched from bus to Metro or vice versa, as long as you finish your trip within 90 minutes. 

If you know which route  you're going and how long it will take you to complete each stop, you can calculate which will be cheaper-- one way ticket or the Visite Pass.

Because I did not have a set itinerary and my schedule was flexible, I decided to get a Pass. It was less hassle because I didn't have to line up every time. For others, they buy a pack of 10 cards ("un carnet"), which is cheaper than getting 10 separate tickets €12,00

The Pass Visite costs: 
.between Euro 9,30 - 29,90 for trips bet Zone 1-3
.between Euro 19,60 - 51,20 for trips bet Zone 1-6

and is valid for all types of transport 
Metro, RER (express regional trains), bus, tramway, suburban Transilien SNCF trains, funiculaire de Montmartre, Montmartrobus, Noctambus, Optile bus system, within a given fare zone.

You have an option to choose .., i got access to zone 1 to 3 because these are where most of the tourist spots are.

Despite the intricate network of the Paris Metro, it is fairly easy to follow. The only downside is that you don't get a view. Just walls and tracks. 

How to: validate your ticket, go to your platform, to open you have to unlatch or press button. I almost missed my stop because I was waiting for it to automatically open. 

A good option you have is to take the public bus which offers you a very scenic view of the city. Because Paris has a very efficient transport system, even the bus arrivals are timed, so it is quite predictable. My host said that Bus numbers 29 and 87 ply the tourist spots. You can take them instead of the expensive tourist buses. 

How to:
From the bus stop, you have to hail them; otherwise, they'll just pass by you. To get off, press stop button.
my Parisian host waiting with me

another bus stop with a shed


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