Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Special: Travelers Celebrating in the Philippines

For some, being away from the family brings the occasional blues. But to be away from them during the holidays whops it double the strength.

How about making someone's Christmas merry or their New Year happy? Take in a traveler this holiday season. 

For several years, we have been adopting travelers into our family. We were hoping to spread the holiday cheer, but we were the ones who received in return. 

Kamera and Harley Wilson 
Maoris from New Zealand

Harley teaches my cousins Hakka 101

Kamera teaches me how to dance with the poi

Josine, Marleen, and Michelle
Dutch Girls

Marleen and Michelle preparing the oily balls
Finishing touches. Sprinkling powdered sugar to frost the balls. 
yummy traditional Dutch New Year's treat: Ollie Bollen (oily balls) 
Proost! Cheers to an adventure-filled 2009!

Sasha Clarke
Virginia, USA

Sasha spent the New Year's with us while nursing a holiday flu

Have you spread the Holiday Cheer yet?


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