Monday, January 16, 2012

Kuala Lumpur: Snagging my Skybridge Pass

view from the Skybridge

I could never understand the hype about getting a Skybridge Pass. Some of my local hosts said that KLCC only gives out approximately a thousand passes to visitors per day. And for you to get one, you should be there early, like 8am. If not, you might miss the opportunity.

NOT in my case!

Since I got there around 10am already, I wasn't really keeping my hopes up. I told my host not to even bother because they might've given out all their tickets. We reached the booth where they give out the passes, and to my surprise, we were still given one! Our viewing was scheduled 3.15pm.

my Skybridge Pass

They had to set a schedule to limit 15 visitors per trip. That was ok because that gave us enough time to go around Kuala Lumpur.

When our time came, they gave out red ID tags and let us in an AVR where they gave out slightly-tinted aviator shades. Cool, I thought. Then I learned that today was the first day they were showing the Petronas presentation in 3D. Yay!!!

After the 3D show, we were then led to the elevator that brought us to the much coveted Skybridge.

And 15 minutes is all we had to savor the moment.

THE Skybridge empty of visitors


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