Sunday, January 8, 2012

Myanmar: Eat Pray Love Sundays

Eat. Mohinga.
Mohinga is Burma's national breakfast dish which is basically rice noodles in fish soup. served with spring onions, coriander, and crispy onions and fritters for that added crunch.

Eat. Mohinga.

Pray. Shwe Dagon Pagoda.
Enshrined within this golden stupa are relics of past four Buddhas: staff, water filter, robe, and strands of hair that is why Shwe Dagon is the most sacred Buddhist pagoda for the Burmese.

Pray. Shwe Dagon.

Love. Thanaka.
Cosmetics for Burmese women is a paste made from ground bark which they apply on their faces, and sometimes their arms. Aside from their aesthetic purposes, it also serves as a cooling agent against the scorching heat of the sun.

Burmese woman wearing thanaka

Bark used for Thanaka
Eat Pray Love Sundays is a series I'm doing, highlighting one destination and how it nourishes travelers and locals alike. 
"Eat" features a location's food; how it nourishes the physical body.
"Pray" pertains to anything about worship or nourishing one's spirit.
'Love" is such a broad topic that it covers the rest--people, nature, culture. Those that nourish the soul. 

Next Sunday, I'll be putting Jogjakarta on the spotlight!


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