Friday, January 6, 2012

Why It's More Fun in the Philippines

The Department of Tourism just launched the new tourism slogan. Hope it attracts more foreign visitors as they find out why it's "more fun in the Philippines".

What are people saying in twitter ?


 Because its such a resilient race that it still manages to smile regardless of tragedy it has just faced.

 coz everyone goes all out to entertain foreign guests&balikbayans! HOSPITABLE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT:)

: We have lots of coffee, cocoa and coconuts!

 Anne Curtis-Smith 

Through hardships and heartaches a filipino will always give you a sincere smile  ♥

 Airphil Express 

From lovely places to vibrant festivals to friendly people-- There r countless reasons. But d bottomline is: .

 Craig Burrows 

The Philippine smile only hints at the joys awaiting in the Philippines. Visit in 2012 as indeed 

 Maxene Magalona 

"Bless the man if his heart and his land are one.. The three stars and the sun!" -- FrancisM  


 From hereon, Abu Sayyaf will be renamed Abu SAYA!

 Erwan Heussaff 

Asia without the uptightness and shyness 

 Cecilia Orena-Drilon 

 is not just about the sights but the people too! dont we always rank high in the worldwide happiness survey?

So what do you think of the Philippines' new tourism slogan?


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