Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mongolia: Eat Pray Love Sundays

Eat. Huushoor.

Huushoor is a dumpling filled with minced mutton and onion.

Eat. Huushoor.

Pray. Stone altars.
Apart from their deep reverence to Genghis Khan, Mongolians are mostly Buddhists, but they have a religious practice of piling up stone altars. 

Pray. Altars.

Love. Ger.
Ger are nomadic tents. Often confused with yurts, Mongolian ger designs are based on their Buddhist culture. 

Love. Ger.

Eat Pray Love Sundays is a series I'm doing, highlighting one destination and how it nourishes travelers and locals alike. 
"Eat" features a location's food; how it nourishes the physical body.
"Pray" pertains to anything about worship or nourishing one's spirit.
"Love" is such a broad topic that it covers the rest--people, nature, culture. Those that nourish the soul. 

Next Sunday, I'll be putting Ubud, Bali on the spotlight!


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