Friday, February 10, 2012

Ilocos Islands: Poro, Cabugao on a Good Friday

While perhaps the entire Philippines was in a pious mood observing the 'holiest' day of the Holy Week, my cousins and I were out celebrating my sister's birthday.

We're not being sacrilegious (? irreverent?) or anything, but for us, remembering the death and resurrection of Christ is not a "Holy Week"-only affair. It's remembering Him every day of our lives.

Anyhow, out we went for a day of adventure. We've been hearing about this island off our favorite beach in Cabugao and decided to go find it and spend the day there.

Getting to the island proved to be a challenge since there were no road signs and the directions the locals gave us were vague. We were running in circles and were going back where we came from until after 3 rounds, we finally found the right route. I remember Kamera saying something about their place in New Zealand, "We do not build nice roads on purpose to prevent intruders from coming!"

I'm guessing these Sabang locals' line of thoughts were running along the same line.

Once we reached the port, we hired 2 boats to bring us to the island. I was charmed at how clear the waters were and i just couldn't believe that this paradise has been here all this time!

I was like a kid whose parents got her a brand new bike for a present. I was all the more thrilled when I saw there was a trail for hiking. 

my excitement must be infectious because I got my "sheltered" cousins to join. It was a short 20-minute trek and we just held our breath when we reached the top. We were atop a cliff overlooking the shores below.

We went back the same way we came and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the cool water and basking under the sun.

Except for the five other tourists in the island, it was just us.

Thank God it's Good Friday.

Thank God Sabang isn't tourist-laden.

original journal entry written in 2007


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