Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Enchanting India

When I went to India in 2004, I could never explain in words what attracted me to that mysterious country and what, for the most part, kept it interesting.

getting my mendi

Today, getting a dose of my blog-reads, I chanced upon one traveller whose post puts it well:

"Travelling in India is not an easy or comfortable experience. There will be times when you’ll be nervous, and times when you’ll be thrilled, times when you’ll be freezing cold, and times when you’ll be melting hot, times when you’ll be in awe, and times when you’ll be in disgust, times when you’ll be homesick, and times when you’ll forget where you came from, times when you’ll be angry, and times when you’ll practice compassion, times when you’ll feel lonely, and times when you’ll feel you’re part of a new family, times when you’ll be exhausted, and times when you’ve never felt so alive. It’s best not to go with our first inclination to label these experiences as “good” or “bad” but simply recognize each experience for what it is -- an experience. For ironically enough, it’s rarely the memory of a comfortable couch that we treasure, but exactly those experiences that push us out of zones of comfort and put us on cold and sharp ledges, that transform our lives and perception of it."

- lifted from solbeam

Gol Gappe dipped in tamarind sauce - famous street food.
Its texture reminds me of the Philippines' chicharon.

brick houses.
This is the view from my host's window.

Very sweet and hospitable Jatinder family.
The mom (extreme right) dolled me up for the wedding. 

I actually dozed off having to dry my mendi.
"I love India"

Attending one of the wedding ceremonies.
Apparently, it is a week-long celebration!

A trip to the Wagha border
India - Pakistan


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