Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jogjakarta During Garebeg Mulud

March is that time of the year when Javanese celebrate Sekaten, in commemoration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad.

The term "gerebeg" is Javanese for the sound of noises of people. This Festival is Java's most colorful and grandest processions, where palace guards are dressed in their traditional garb and large floats of flower gunungans (mountains) make their way to the mosque west of the kraton.

smaller flower mountains

floats of gunungan (mountain)

In 2009, while everyone had their spirits up and were in a festive mood, I was sulking. Two of my cellphones had just been snatched as we made our way to the entrance of the kraton. Everyone was pushing and shoving, and when we finally reached inside and took a breather, that's when I noticed that I was missing something. Some things. 

I know! I should be vigilant right?

So for a worry-free celebration, make sure you keep valuables in a secure place. But you already know that.

Let me just allow you instead to take a peek at some snaps I shot. Good thing my camera was NOT one of the things they stole.


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