Monday, March 5, 2012

Zamboanga: Eat Pray Love Sundays

Eat. Satti.

Satti is a popular breakfast dish of Muslims. In a bowl, a thick sweet and spicy sauce is poured over cut up coagulated rice. This is then paired with your choice of chicken or beef barbecue sticks.

Eat. Satti.

Pray. Fort Pilar.
Catholic devotees come to Fort Pilar to offer up prayers by lighting up candles or rubbing their hands on a slab of stone.

Pray. Fort Pilar.

Love. Badjaos.
An ethnic group in Zamboanga are the sea gypsies. They live on their boats and usually found moored near public places to ask for alms. Click here for a video clip.

Love. Badjaos

Eat Pray Love Sundays is a series I'm doing, highlighting one destination and how it nourishes travelers and locals alike. 
"Eat" features a location's food; how it nourishes the physical body.
"Pray" pertains to anything about worship or nourishing one's spirit.
"Love" is such a broad topic that it covers the rest--people, nature, culture. Those that nourish the soul. 

Next Sunday, I'll be putting Ho Chi Minh on the spotlight!


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