Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sneek Peak: "I Grew My Boobs in China"

In May 2005, the Watkins family decided to escape the good life they had in Canada. Years and heaps of countries later, theirs is a story of epic proportions.

breakfast in Pakistan

Zeroing in on the youngest family member, Savannah started off as a real spoilt brat. At age 14, she was reluctant to give up everything she had 
(friends, pets, her dog, and the comforts of home) to go to China with a backpack. What started off as a one year journey turned into 4 years and led to a new life in Holland with Dutch lover found in Ghana, Africa. 

Having skipped school from age 14-18, she finished it in a year once she was a little more settled down. Now based in Holland, Savannah is writing the first of her memoir series, and take frequent road trips around Europe and elsewhere in the meantime.

Watch out for the release of SIHPROMATUM!


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