Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eating Healthy in Europe

One of the things I am enjoying now is the variety of healthy food you can create while in Europe. Austria in particular, bakes fresh dark bread everyday. Anything dark is actually good for you. They have roggenbr├Ât (rye bread), k├╝rbiskernbrot (pumpkin), and many other breads containing all other grains which I cannot actually spell! 

Match that with the countless variety of cheeses they have, and even heaps of delis & cold cuts, then you're on your way to sandwich heaven.

As a variation, I add veggies to it: cold (tomatoes, lettuce, onions) or warm (grilled eggplant or sauteed mushrooms).

As they say in German, "Guten appetit!" or "Mahlzeit"


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