Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alibi for my Hiatus

I have no one to blame but myself for not posting again for more than two months. After the beautiful time in Batanes, I wanted to come up with an e-book to write full details and help other travelers out there, but haven't completed it yet. And I have received mail from readers already about tips for travel to Batanes. Sorry. My bad.

Meanwhile, I am now in Europe, and have accumulated more stories to share.

So to whet your appetite, let me leave you with glimpses of Batanes and Austria.

Promenade. Linz, Austria

last minute CS host in Salzburg, brought us with her to hike.
Behind me is Untersberg. Breathtaking view of the city of Salzburg.

Austrians love to spend the summer in lakes.
Because they don't have a sea!

candid Batanes.
from L - R: driver/guide Mang Eloi, Henzon, & Date

one of the many stone houses in Batanes.

Sabtang Island. our driver/guide Edwin in his indigenous trike!


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