Thursday, December 27, 2012

Basco: Fundacion Pacita

We left Chavayan as early as 5am, to catch our boat back to Batan Island.

We arrived the port before time, and took the chance to visit Sabtang's Lighthouse. Mang Edwin gladly accommodated our request for a short stop. We trekked towards the lighthouse and delighted in the soft light the sunrise brought to the towering structure. A few snaps and an admiration of the goats prancing along the hills, then we're off to the port for our boat ride home. 

Sabtang Lighthouse

astonishing view

Ivatan community spirit; residents sweeping the streets

Back in Basco, we did not have anything planned for the day. So after lunch, a quick call to Ryan equipped us with a ride to the famed Fundacion Pacita.

Fundacion Pacita

Yes, they only allow guests inside. But it doesn't harm to inquire about their rates, does it? *wink* …for our parents' wedding anniversary or for my sister's honeymoon, I mean. Ahem. 

Looking through Pacita Abad's artworks and history, I couldn't help but be drawn to her free spirit. She declined a full scholarship to pursue her passion for the arts and travel. That's the kind of life I want! Our short visit was finished with kamote muffins (garnished with mulberry) and a glass of pineapple juice.

"THE" Fundacion Pacita

Welcome guests!
Do I pass off as a "haciendera"?

room with a view

yet to be finished mural 

with Ivatan guide, Ryan

kamote muffin with fresh mulberries


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