Friday, December 21, 2012

Location Independent: Have You Ever Dreamed of Earning While Traveling?

Being location independent pertains to the idea that you can work anywhere. Be it in your homeland, the Philippines, or elsewhere in the world. In a private island, or the comforts of your home. Literally, anywhere. As long as there's internet. Your income does not depend on the continent you are in. Money still comes in regardless of your location. Because you do not depend on it. You are independent of your location. All you need is an internet.

Sounds enticing?

It did for me a few years ago. I wanted the freedom to travel anytime, at the same time make money while sipping some fresh coconut juice in a beach in one of the 7,100 islands of the Philippines.

This led me to explore work from home. I educated myself, developed some skills, and landed a part-time gig. I was even at it while I was in Europe traveling. I would work 4 hours a day, sometimes even while on a bus, or in a hostel. Then I'd explore a city during the remainder of the day. Good thing it was summer, so the days are longer. At 10pm, I would still be out because it was still bright outside.

I had my passport stamped : Berlin border

biking in Klagenfurt, Austria

I'd have to thank my mentor for introducing me to the world of working from home. I met Jomar Hilario when I attended the Wealth Summit in 2010, and even as he was speaking, my mind was already saying, "I want that for myself." 

I attended a couple of his seminars, and it would be too good not to share to you the good news. This Christmas, he (uhm, his virtual assistants actually) wrapped something up for newbies and experts alike. Whether you're still new to the "work from home" concept or you're already a virtual assistant wanting to level up your skills to be able to command a higher rate, there's one for each.

And he's offering it at an insanely low price. Discount of up to 40%! For something life-changing, it's the lowest it's ever been. 

But you have to act fast. It's only until December 24

If, at the middle of reading this article, your heart skipped a bit, and want it for yourself, then grab the chance now. He might never open up this offer ever again.

Give yourself the gift you truly deserve. Visit now!


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