Thursday, January 3, 2013

Basco: Biking in Batanes

I could not remember what fueled my dream to bike around Batanes. Must be a picture I saw printed off a travel magazine, but it's an item I am glad I ticked off my bucket list.

It was sort of unplanned, but when we got talking, our guide showed us where to rent the bikes.

"We want to leave before sunrise," we told the shop owner. The old man was kind enough to say, "No problem, I'm usually awake by 4am. Just come by and knock to get your wheels."

Valugan Boulder Beach 

Located in the east coast, Valugan Boulder Beach is best to witness the sunrise. Promise, we did want to catch the sunrise. We did our best to get up early, pick up our bikes, and cycle to the beach. We just underestimated the steep grade, and panted all the way to Valugan.

did I mention that the boulders are huge?

my Batanes in Bike photo shoot

The day was a bit cloudy, but that just made it ideal to have our breakfast by the shore.

Around Basco 

To get to Valugan Boulder Beach, we passed by the airport. After the beach, we tried to explore the trail uphill towards Fundacion Pacita. Rather than walk our bikes the entire time, we surrendered and agreed to take the flat paths instead. We ended up in the beach side, before finally returning our rented bicycles.

Batanes airport

trying so hard to defy gravity

the best view we earned from that uphill climb

corn being dried out

port side

downhill there's the beach

Where to rent bikes: 

Perpendicular to Abad Street, the street where Amboy Lodge is located in is the same street where you hire bikes. We went the day before to book in advance, so we were able to pick up the bikes as early as 5am the following day. P100/half day per bicycle.

rent your bicycles here

they're even registered


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