Monday, January 7, 2013

Suppose This Happened To You At The Check-in Counter

A French girl, Mari (not her real name) booked a ticket with Ryan Air. She snagged a cheap flight to Spain and it’s her first time to fly with this budget airlines.

Photo by © Lee Shaver
She knew there were baggage restrictions, so she weighed her luggage to make sure her carry-on fell under the 7kg only rule. She’s quite proud of herself. Aside from her carry-on, she had with her a sling purse, which was small enough to put her passport, and a few loose change.

While in the check-in line, she noticed the individual passengers ahead of her. One had a belt bag around his waist, but was asked to pay an additional charge for that extra item he brought on board. The same happened to the junior executive who brought his laptop bag. By the time it was her turn, she snuck her sling purse inside her shirt.

Photo by © Michal Sacharewicz

The ground crew gave her an insulting look. She argued that she did not have an extra item with her while raising both her hands. The deliberation went on for a while until the crew caved in.

Mari checked in without having to pay any extra charges but it sure served a lesson for her.

You may well be within your baggage weight allowance, but read the finer print, specially in budget airlines. Are you allowed to take an extra piece of item with you? How much will they charge?

After that pesky experience, Mari learned her lesson, and now struts effortlessly in the check-in counter.


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